• Chevrolet Go Green: Fuel Efficiency


The long drives we do everyday affect our environment. How can we avoid that? An easy alternative is driving a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Currently Chevy gives you 17 km/L combined* however that efficiency is not exclusive of compacts, the new SUV and pickups from Chevrolet give you the best fuel economy available in V8 engines.

As a result of the development of new technologies such as our own Active Fuel Management™, has contributed to make such breakthroughs; this system stands out for its cylinder-deactivation feature when they are not needed, as in highway driving at a constant speed and reactivate them when more power is needed.

*Dependent of driving conditions and sea level.

Go Green: rendimiento de combustible
Go Green: Ethanol e85


Why should we dig for oil when we can make it? In the last seven years, Chevrolet has been making cars that are powered with a fuel that is made with raw material that comes from the surface. This fuel is ethanol e85, which is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gas.

Unlike gas, ethanol E85 is partially renewable fuel, since it´s made from organic matter such as corn and other grains, and as a result its combustion process is altogether cleaner. In addition it brings us the possibility of decreasing dependency levels from oil. Another advantage is that ethanol has a higher-octane power, which gives a slightly higher torque power. Currently at Chevrolet we make E85 flex fuel vehicles, which can use gas as well as ethanol. In Mexico, we can find some of these vehicles on the road, such as the Suburban, Tahoe and Avalanche.


In recent years, Chevrolet® has been developing new hybrid technologies worldwide. Among the most recent products the new SUV Captiva Sport stands out, this has been tested in Mexico and once the market conditions allow it it could be assembled in one of the most important plants in Mexico the gomez arizpe complex that currently makes hybrid vehicles for the U.S. market.

The new hybrid Captiva Sport gives the power and capabilities you´d want in a utility vehicle, it also gives you a fuel efficiency you´ve never imagined. The hybrid Captiva Sport and other vehicles with the same technology are designed to operate with a control module in the engine that makes it posible to use a nickel battery pack along with a converter and a generator, that allow energy generation and storage that is used to reduce considerably fuel consumption.


Chevrolet Captiva Hybrid SUV
Go Green: Chevrolet Volt


Imagine driving daily without a single drop of gas. At Chevrolet we have invested on incredible resources for design and engineering to do it. The concept electric Chevrolet Volt is now a reality. This vehicle, with its revolutionary GM E’flex system will be very different from any car developed before, because it will use a lithium ion combined with a variety of resources to extend its operation time, including gasoline and in some vehicles ethanol E85 or diesel, to recharge the battery while driving the Volt will be designed to be plugged into traditional outlets. In a future not far away, those that travel less than 64 km per day, will know their car won´t need gasoline and won´t produce harmful emissions.


Chevrolet® is launching a test fleet of 100 Equinox SUV with fuel cells boosted with hydrogen. This fleet will make it to the streets of New York, Washington D.C and Los Angeles as part of "Project Driveway”, which is the first market tested on a big scale with real drivers in the real world. Why? Because the hydrogen fuel cells do not use gasoline, do not produce emissions and they reduce our dependency on oil. Equinox is an electric car powered by third generation fuel cells from GM, our boosting system for fuel cells is the most advanced to date.

The drive system of the electric engine will give torque instantly, a soft acceleration and a silent operation. In addition, it can start and operate in below zero temperatures; it can travel around 320 km per charge and reaches a max speed of 160 km/h. This has made car journalists from the Green Car journal give Equinox the Car Vision Award, beating other fuel cells products.

Photo of test vehicle. Not available for sale. 1. Water steam is produced by Equinox fuel cells vehicle 2. Average driving 321.8 km base don procedures from EPA 2007.

Chevrolet Volt Extended Range Electric