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Make your Chevrolet stand out in the parking lot, in a traffic jam and in your garage with special accessories just for you! Get to know them.

2013 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van - Sales Benefits
2013 Chevrolet Express Cargo Lug Nuts to Protect Wheels

Lug nuts

Protect your Chevrolet Express Cargo Van’s wheels and tires with these accessories.


2013 Chevrolet Express Cargo Work Bar Roof

Roof Racks

Two useful bars you can use to install the luggage rack or shell. These accessories adapt your Chevrolet Express Cargo Van® to your needs.


2013 Chevrolet Express Cargo Exterior Work Basket

Aluminum roof rack basket

This handy accessory is easy to install, you can maximize the space of your vehicle while still carrying extra luggage or several objects. It has a load capacity of 50 kilos. Roof bars are required for this accessory.


2013 Chevrolet Express Cargo Safety Film for Glass

Safety film

GM’s certified and approved protective films for automotive glass include professional installation, increase their performance, improve their appearance and protect the vehicle and its occupants. These films are developed using the latest technology and are available in combinations of solar control and safety.


2013 Chevrolet Express Cargo Durable Floor Mats

Vinyl mats

Get ready for any terrain condition with these vinyl mats, suitable for all kinds of weather. They fit perfectly into your Chevrolet Express Cargo Van® and their unique design of cells allows them to capture any debris or liquid. Their lower tip design always keeps them in place.


2013 Chevrolet Express Cargo Shell Lockable Trunk

Roof shell

This accessory is made of long lasting material, resistant to UV rays and weathering. If you wish, you can paint the body color. It is lockable. Roof bars are required for this accessory.